This double edged safety razor is perfect to get started with double-edge shaving. It provides an incredibly smooth shave for an unbelievable value.


  • Simple one-piece design with butterfly head for loading blades
  • Single fixed angle setting
  • Comes with 5 stainless steel blades


Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that the world needs a real alternative to overpriced disposable razors. In a world dominated by fads, impermanence, and short-term thinking, we’re building a family of customers who think differently.

Safety Razor - R1 Chrome

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Say goodbye to disposable razors! If you're looking for a real close and zero-waste shave, you've found it. The Rockwell Razors R1 has a longer handle, which is a perfect length for ladies who are looking to shave their legs and bikini areas. It may take a several tries to get used to if you have never used a safety razor before, but once you get the angle and the movement down, you will wonder why you never used one in the first place. If you are an experienced shaver, or would like to be able to have control over the angle of the blades, take a look at the 6C (6-setting) razor instead.

    It uses Rockwell double-edge razor blades, but is compatible with any brand of double edge blades.