Choose your own size: a large 18"-22" corded luffa.  When submersed in water and drizzled with your favourite soap, your Annapolis Valley Luffa becomes luxuriously soft on your body. Increasing blood circulation, cleaning you pores and refreshing your skin. No need to compromise sustainability for luxury.

Luffa - Large

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  • Please rinse and allow your luffa to dry thoroughly after each use.

    You may sanitize by doing any of these methods:

    • Put in boiling water for 10 minutes
    • Steam for 10 minutes
    • Hang outside in sun (high UV day)
    • Dip in hydrogen peroxide then, dip in white vinegar
    • A mild bleach solution

    Luffa is dishwasher safe but may reduce luffa lifespan.

    When used in the kitchen luffa does not harbour odour like a dishcloth.